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Welcome to the Asian Retrospects

Wanna know about us? We are simply two geeks from India putting our passionate love for Asia into words. We love Asian culture, movies and dramas. However, that does not only mean East Asia. Mostly we will try to cover all types of content from the Middle East to Japan. So here ‘Asia’ literally means ‘Asia’

In our reviews, we try to cover Movies, Dramas, Web Series, Short films, Documentaries, Animes and even visual novels! We understand everyone has different tastes and we want to cater to them all ^~^

Get to know your writers

Mit (waulymbm) leans more towards movies than TV shows. A first his journey of discovering Asia began since late 90’s through the cable shows and Chinese action films. His love for Asia kept growing steadily and since then he found the movies like ‘My Sassy Girl’ and ‘A Moment to Remember’, it is growing exponentially! His favourite genres are comedy and thriller, and a great slice-of-life themed movie/show always pleases him.

Zhang Ziyi
Psss…he goes gaga over this beautiful lady!

Poornima (jolly) is passionate about Korean culture, knows Korean language and a bit of Chinese as well. Genres that get her hooked are psychological thriller, satire, dark comedy and a good plot! So got a question about Korea or China, you can always ask her~

We hope that we can have a lot of engaging conversations about Asia! Feel free to comment. If you want to talk about something in private, contact us here! We are always searching for new ideas and advice~

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