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A cohabitation comedy about a ghost of a high school girl who has been dead for 5 years and an exorcist college boy with the ability to see and hear ghosts. What he’s discovered over the years is that he can touch them and fight them off, so when he’s in need of a part-time job and can’t find one that pays well enough, he starts putting ads online as an exorcist for hire. His ad: “Will face off with your ghosts. Chances of winning: virgin ghosts 80%, bachelor ghosts 40%, child ghosts 97%, the rest 50%.” One night he goes out on the job and faces off with a schoolgirl ghost, and during the fight, they accidentally kiss and sparks fly.

Native and/or alternative titles: 싸우자귀신아
Year: 2016
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Director: Park Joon Hwa, Myung Hyun Woo
Writer: Lee Dae Il
Cast: Ok Taec Yeon, Kim So Hyun, Kwon Yoo, Kim Sang Ho, Lee David, Kang Ki Young, Baek Seo Yi, Lee Do Yeon


This drama is so refreshing and good! I loved the concept of a ghost and a human working together to exorcise ghosts. Also, the great chemistry between the leads and wonderful acting of the supporting actors made this drama adorable to watch. What I loved the most about this drama is how the ghost (Kim Hyun Ji) was able to bring out the ever reclusive (Park Bong Pal) out of his shell and make him start to enjoy human interactions again after he was scarred by several incidents in his childhood due to his supernatural ability to see ghosts. Despite the climax of the show stretching out to be just one episode too long in my opinion, overall the drama had a great story, strong acting and lovely cinematography. All the supporting actors played their parts really well, including the ghosts. I think this drama is a great watch and might even get you out of your drama slump and reinstate your faith in dramas. Give it a try! I am sure it would like it~


  • Story: 9
  • Acting/cast: 10
  • Music/Sound: 8
  • Overall: 9

Have you seen ‘Bring it On, Ghost’? If yes, what do you think about this drama? If not, does it sound interesting to you? Comment below!

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