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Words which cut like a chhuri (Knife)!


A housewife unleashes the perfect revenge on her cheating husband and his mistress.

Native/alternate title: छुरी
Year: 2017
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Mansi Jain
Cast: Tisca Chopra, Surveen Chawla, Anurag Kashyap


The theme of adultery is not new to us. It has been used countless times, especially in Indian TV shows and films. Therefore I was not expecting something extraordinary from the plot. But oh boy, was I wrong! It is time to forget that old drama and start playing with Chhuri (Chhuri (छुरी) literally means ‘knife’ in Hindi).

Short films do not have the luxury of building up the story and the characters slowly while giving spectators a chance to fully immerse themselves in the story or create an emotional connect with the characters. Therefore, they need to get to the point and deliver in a very short span. Despite being only 13 minutes in length, ‘Chhuri’ does this exceptionally well. It is witty, it is snazzy and it makes you want to get up and applaud for the wife. It hits the core of the story from the first scene and sticks to it till the end.

‘Chhuri’ is about a wife who grows tired of her husband’s affairs and decides to take the matter in her hands. At first, it looks like she is just a timid housewife who prefers to keep suffering on her own for the sake of her children. She seems like a typical wife you would rather suffer the plight of knowing her husband is cheating but coming back home rather than risk their relationship by confronting him about it. But boy was I wrong about her!

Tisca Chopra - Chhuri
Tisca Chopra in ‘Chhuri’

Instead of the melodramatic turn, which I expect from a drama about affairs, this short film shows the power of words. People say, “Words are like weapons!” and that is so true! Words can be one of your greatest weapons if wielded correctly and I think Meera (Tisca Chopra), the wife, is the queen of words and wit within this movie.  Initially, when I saw the daughter reprimanding her mother for being “hopeless” and utterly pitiable for allowing the affair to continue, I honestly expected a dark turn in the movie.

Meera brings an entirely new twist to a housewife’s ‘chhuri’. For sake of keeping this review spoiler free, I will not mention how that happens. None of this creates a melodrama. Instead, all of this is quite comic in nature. You cannot help but laugh inside. Then ending had me laughing out loud! Funny and satisfying and very liberating and empowering message for women as well.

Surveen Chawla is great as the mistress and Anurag Kashyap’s is also quite good in his brief role as the cheating husband, even greater as a comic relief! Tisca Chopra is magnificent as a wife taking a cold-hearted revenge. I hope she will play more roles like this in feature films or produces more short-films like this.

But, you have to watch it to believe it. Check out the short film below and find out how Meera uses her figurative chhuri to get her message through! I only wish her daughter could have seen her mother in this avatar as well!

Overall, it is 13 minutes of awesomeness. It is very short. So even though you are unsure about investing your time, I highly recommend it to go ahead and watch it.

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Chhuri is very short. So even though you are unsure about investing your time, I highly recommend it to go ahead and watch it.

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