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This winter, let a robot warm your heart!


Min-Kyu (Yoo Seung-Ho) is the largest shareholder of a finance company. He is handsome and intelligent, but he lives in seclusion due to his allergy to people. Meanwhile, Ji-A (Chae Soo-Bin) is an aspiring entrepreneur and works as a personal shopper. She receives a phone call from her ex-boyfriend Baek-Gyun (Uhm Ki-Joon). Her ex-boyfriend is a world renown developer of android robots. His latest creation is the android Aji 3, which he built with the same physical appearance as Ji-A, but an accident has broken Aji 3. Making matters worse, he has received an order for Aji 3 from Min-Kyu with the promise of more investment money if he’s satisfied. Being in such a predicament, Baek-Gyun offers money to Ji-A if she will go to Min-Kyu’s home and pretend to be Aji 3. Ji-A is in need of money and accepts the offer. – AsianWiki

Native/alternate titles: 로봇이 아니야; Roboti Aniya; She’s Not a Robot
Year: 2017, 2018
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Director: Jung Dae-Yoon
Writer: Kim Seon-Mi, Lee Seok-joon
Cast: Chae Soo-Bin, Yoo Seung-Ho, Uhm Ki-Joon, Park Se-wan, Song Jae-ryong, Kim Min-kyu, Kang Ki-young, Lee Min-ji, Eom Hyo-seop, Seo Dong-won, Hwang Seung-un

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‘I’m not a Robot’ Review

I am not a Robot definitely warmed up winter and here is why….


Kim Min Kyu is the managing director of KM Financials However, he isn’t normal. In fact, he leads an isolated life due to him being allergic to ‘Humans’. That’s right, such a condition exists in drama land. If Kim Min Kyu comes in contact with another human, he develops rashes. The solution? A robot of course!

Doctor Hong Baek Hyun, who also happens to be Jo Ji Ah’s ex-boyfriend, is the head of the artificial intelligence from Santa Maria team and the creator of Aji 3 – the world’s best humanoid robot and the most advanced. But, Aji 3 is modelled after Jo Ji Ah. Kim Min Kyu is testing Aji 3 but due to an accident Aji 3 needs to be replaced and who better to replace Aji 3 then that person it was modelled after – Jo Ji Ah.

But! With an unpleasant encounter prior to the incident with Min Kyu, will Ji Ah be able to convince him that she is a robot?

The drama went viral among its international viewers. It became the most-watched drama on Dramafever (Source: Wiki). So, what exactly made the drama click for its viewers? It definitely has to be the heartwarming storyline, memorable characters and amazing acting skills displayed by the actors.

Chae Soo-Bin - Aji 3 - I'm Not A Robot
Aji 3 along with Jo Ji Ah

The story from the beginning doesn’t follow a typical sci-fi romance pattern. It’s simple yet a lovely take on human insecurities and trust issues which keep the viewers laughing, smiling and even shedding a few tears. Furthermore, the writer with their slight twists managed to keep the audience guessing till the last few episodes. In this way, this drama was refreshing for its genre. Also, the ‘perfect’ ending left the viewers bittersweet (bitter because they couldn’t see more of their ‘KyuAh’ couple). Even though there were some issues with pacing and a few round-the-bush fillers. The story was fresh enough to keep you wanting more.

Chae Soo-Bin, Yoo Seung-Ho - I'm Not a Robot
The adorable KyuAh couple’s Hyundae date

If it wasn’t for the antics of the characters, the drama couldn’t have won the hearts of its viewers. In this 4G generation, being lonely is a lifestyle. Thus, the audience can very well connect to the loneliness and sadness expressed by Kim Min Kyu. Plus, Jo Ji Ah’s passion to make things that solve emotional problems of people not just melted Kim Min Kyu’s heart, even I was moved. C’mon who wouldn’t want an umbrella with changeable roof and the couple lamps that lights on touch?

For me, Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji Ah were in perfect harmony with each other. Min Kyu’s emotional insensibility is completed by Ji Ah’s high interpersonal skills and high emotional quotient. This connection can be clearly seen when the purpose of Jo Ji Ah’s every invention is well understood by Kim Min Kyu even without her telling him! Be it their bickering as Kim Min kyu and President Jo, or their cute friendship as Kim Min Kyu and Aji 3 or their cringe-worthy romance as Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji Ah, YES! I loved it all!

Not to mention the tricks and love for ‘brother’ and Aji 3 showcased by the Santa Maria team.

Chae Soo-Bin - Team - I'm Not a Robot
The Santa Maria team at work

Many people would like to meet a humanoid with ‘friend mode’. The character development of Kim Min Kyu and his friends – Yoo Chul and Ri El was also well depicted by the writer-nims (‘Nim’ Korean suffix attached with names to show respect)


Who didn’t shed a tear at this intense scene?

Chae Soo-Bin, Yoo Seung-Ho - Goodbye - I'm Not a Robot
Kim Min Kyu and Aji 3’s goodbye

It was heartbreaking to watch Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin cry. Their chemistry was totally on point. Also were the antics of the other supporting characters. A special shout out to Chae Soo Bin for wearing that pink dress for the shoot even in this cold, cold weather.

Final Words

Depression is becoming a serious problem among today’s youth. This drama very beautifully portrays the healing power of companionship. The sincere effort of the characters to look out for each other really leaves an impression on your mind. At a time when we have more of SNS (Social Networking Sites) friends than “real’’ friends, such dramas help to bring back faith in real life social interactions and sheds light on the importance of maintaining relations. Kudos to the writers for highlighting the values of trust and loyalty through the means of a humanoid and a person suffering from ‘human allergy’.

  • Story
  • Acting/Cast
  • Music


The brilliant acting, refreshing storyline, the warm and touching romance all are perfect reasons to watch this drama! If rom-coms are your type of things then this is a drama not to be missed!

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