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Even as a ghost, I will take care of you

‘Mother’ – Synopsis

A long list of arduous tasks and obstacles pushes a single Mother to her breaking point. Her children must figure out a way to help their mother and find a way to bring their family back together.

Native and/or alternate titles: 어머니; Omeoni; She Worked Until She Became A Ghost Of Herself
Year: 2016
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean
Genre: Animation, Drama
Director: Joan Chung

‘Mother’ – Review

I came across this short movie on Viddsee and it is so beautifully made. The movie manages to capture the essence of a mother in a short 6 minutes through a creative storytelling. The mother is the story is working hard and doing all the household chores on her own while her children are playing in the background and creating a mess.

All of a sudden the mother finds herself in a dilemma when the baby starts crying, the rice pot needs to be turned off, clothes need to be taken down as the rain starts pouring, and the water starts dripping from the roof and so much more. The mother is overwhelmed by it all only to ultimately lose her consciousness and turns into a ghost. But not just one ghost, she multiplies herself into various ghosts to tackle all the problems at once.

I found this act to be such a wonderful depiction of the spirit of motherhood. It is in a way pointing to the fact that even after death the mother is selflessly splitting herself in order to complete all her chores. When the kids find their mother in this state they then find a way to help her and bring her back to life. Even after coming back to the life she immediately starts taking care of the kids’ snacks only to be stopped by the kids who say that they can handle it on their own.

This is an animation movie and I think the story is very well made and the animation is really sweet and made well to represent the changing emotions and expressions of the character. I especially love the background music of the video.

I really enjoyed how the creators of this film envisioned the mother as a ghost and splitting herself into various helpers to help her tackle all the jobs. I am sure every mother at some point wishes that she was 3-4 people so that she could complete her never-ending list of tasks. The saying goes that there is no rest for the wicked, maybe it should be changed to, there is no rest for a mother. It really is incredible how a mother or any home-maker (regardless of gender) can handle so many tasks, chores and attitude or sass (from family members of course) and be willing to touch our dirty laundry and cook food for us day in and day out. All the homemakers deserve a huge round of applause and our eternal gratitude for the work they put in for their family.

I would definitely recommend this movie and do go ahead and watch it. Let me know if this movie touched your heart like it did mine?

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Wonderful short movie with an impactful story.

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pushpendra dwivedi
July 1, 2018 12:19 am

interesting review