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‘Radio Romance’ – Synopsis

Soo Ho is a top-class actor with a shining career. He debuted as a child actor, and at a very young age, he realized that in order to succeed, he must hide his true self behind a mask. He smiles in front of the cameras, but when alone at home, he’s always depressed and gets nightmares. Geu Rim is a young, passionate assistant writer for a radio show. She is a woman with initiative and drive. Positive mindset and tenacity are her forte. One day, she gets asked to be the main writer for a radio show, but there is one condition. She must cast Soo Ho as the DJ for the show. Although she had a feeling from the start that it wouldn’t be an easy task, it turns out to be quite difficult. For Geu Rim whose dream since childhood was writing for her own radio show, she must capture this opportunity. Their story begins by Geu Rim meeting the top celebrity, Soo Ho.

Alternative/ Native titles: 라디오 로맨스
Year: 2018
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Kim Shin Il
Writer: Jun Yoo Ri
Cast: Yoon Doo Joon, Kim So Hyun, Yoon Park, Yura

Radio Romance – Review

I actually completed this drama a while ago. I followed it while it was airing but I honestly didn’t feel like writing a review for it (not even now). The main reason was that I was busy with my college work and exams but on a subconscious level, I was too disappointed with the drama to write about it. So if this review seems half-hearted, you know why… I had such expectations from this because two of my favourite actors were in this.


This is literally a pure 100% romance drama. So, if romance is not your cup-of-tea, then be warned! In the drama, Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) is like the elite and most popular Korean actor in the current generation who is being controlled by his step-mom who runs his agency and his life. Ji Soo-ho quietly does his mom’s bidding and emits a persona of a perfect family in public until he meets Song Geu-rim (Kim So-Hyun), a radio show writer. Song Geu-rim brings Ji Soo-ho to do radio shows, which are in direct conflict with his other schedules. Regardless, much to everyone’s surprise, Ji Soo-Ho agrees to do the radio show. This leads to a workplace romance for our leads as well which obviously faces many obstacles from Ji Soo-ho’s mom, to his childhood friend, to a rival and many other things.


Umm… this is a thinker… I really can’t think of any point in the drama is can completely come in the Pro category. The acting by the leads was really good. Even the supporting actors did a really good job, most of them anyway.

I also liked the characters drawn up in the story, they were relatable and interesting.

The main plot or story, even though redundant, had potential to it.

Kim So Hyun - Yoon Doo Joon - Asian - Elevator - First Meet - Radio Romance
Song Geu-rim meets Ji Soo-ho for the first time in the elevator of some hotel

The cons you ask? Practically everything.

The characters were highly underdeveloped and after the first 2-3 episodes there was a monotony to every character, except the leads, till near the end of the drama. Even the main leads after a point seemed to follow the same pattern. I felt like screaming at the writers to use the wonderfully talented actors they had at their disposal!

The plot had potential, but after the third episode, it felt like it was going nowhere. It was playing in a loop of clichés and stereotypes again and again. So, by the time I reached the middle of the drama I was at my wit’s end and just wanted to pull my hair out at the ludicrousness of it all. It literally felt like all the Korean drama clichés had come into one drama. I actually questioned whether the purpose of this drama is to pay homage to all the past clichés which have been in existence in the industry, not kidding.

Then there was the romance. Considering that the entire premise of this drama was the romance, one would expect at least that to be good and worthwhile. But, NO! From the start, the romance between the Song Geu-rim and Ji Soo-ho was so cringe-worthy and plebian that I want to stop the drama right there and never see its face again. The only reason I continued until the end was because of Yoon Doo-joon, Kim So-Hyun and Yoon Park (Side note: Yoon Park’s character Lee Gang was the saving grace of this drama).

Then there was Song Geu-rim! No, I did not hate Song Geu-rim or Kim So-hyun’s acting. In fact, I love Kim So-hyun, which is probably why I am more pissed about why they portrayed her character so shabbily. They completely hid all her natural beauty and grace and made her look like a flouncy dish-rag. I understand that some of it had to do with how her character was but I felt that they went completely overboard and ended up making her look like she was someone who did not know how to dress well or take care of her hair. That really aggravated me. Even if she is supposed to be a simpleton, they did not have to make her look ugly on purpose. They could have just dressed her down.

Also, I read in many comments that people were opposed to the age difference between the lead actors. But, such details do not bother me. I am not at all concerned with them because at the end all this is acting and age is just a number. There is nothing wrong in real life or in the fictional world to have a couple with a huge age difference between them. If the couple doesn’t mind, why should someone else? So, to clarify, the age factor was never a criterion of judgement for me.

Finally, the most annoying part of the drama was the background music. I don’t know if the song is bad or if the timing of the song in the drama was always off, but something was definitely wrong with it. Every time I heard the first ‘starlight’ I would wince in pain and want to shut the drama immediately! The rest of the OSTs were still bearable and even nice but this ‘starlight’ track really got on my nerves.

Kim So Hyun - Yoon Doo Joon - Asian - Kiss - Yellow Umbrella - Radio Romance
Song Geu-rim and Ji Soo-ho sneaking a kiss


Seriously, it is so not worth it. I would not recommend this drama to anyone. Save yourself the pain and torture and just pick some other wonderful beautiful drama watch which would actually be worth your time.

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The cliché-ridden plot, poor character development and irritating romance makes this not worth watching.

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