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Byeon Gang-soe is a meek rice cake seller in a remote mountainous village in Joseon Dynasty Korea. Mocked for his impaired libido, Gang-so learns of a potion buried in the forest which transforms him into the greatest lover in his village.

Native and/or alternative titles: 가루지기; Garujigi
Year: 2008
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural
Director: Shin Han Sol
Writer: Shin Han Sol
Cast: Bong Tae Gyu, Kim Shin Ah, Kim Ye Won, Oh Dal Su, Yoon Yeo Jeong, Seo Young, Kwon Byung Gil, Go Seo Hee, Kim Yoon Hee, Song Dong Hwan, Kim Ho Won


This is a pure slapstick comedy complete with beyond ridiculous humour, extravagant characters, and unimaginable situations, cheesy and sexual innuendos, with a sprinkling of supernatural powers.

If you want to laugh out loud till your belly starts hurting and you are gasping for breath then this is a movie for you. There is no particular plot or story, just a lot of well-timed jokes and humour.

The Tale of the Legendary Libido

The main guy is your typical uncool, skinny lad who is made fun of by everyone for his lack of manly glory (if you get what I mean) but one fine day he discovers a magic potion which gives him a legendary libido which has a hunger so huge that an entire village of women can’t break it down. But, unfortunate incidents follow comprising of a drought, an abandoned wife, war, ancient rituals, singing and dancing, unexpected mass pregnancies and also a bear! All of this with the main character Byeong Gang Soe, the man with the legendary libido, in the centre of it.

I would like to tell you more but I feel I would be doing you a great injustice by revealing anything more to you! All I can tell you is that don’t watch this drama with any expectations and leave the logical part of you aside to get some well-deserved rest. Then I can guarantee you a riot of a tear-inducing laughter and belly-aching fun!

A perfect medicine for a gloomy day, depressing times or simply a bad day at work or elsewhere. Go ahead and try it! And let me know if you enjoyed it!!

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