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When I see you I think of Tiramisu Cake

‘To Jenny’ – Synopsis

The music drama is about a young man who expresses his unrequited first love for a girl through music and a young woman who chases after her dream despite a harsh situation.

Alternate titles: 투제니; Toojeni
Year: 2018
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance, Music
Director: Park Jin-Woo
Writer: Lee Jung-Hwa
Cast: Kim Sung-Cheol, Jung Chae-yeon (DIA, I.O.I), Choi Yoo-ri, Park Mi-sun, Yank Ik-jun, Lee Sang-yi, Nam Tae-boo, Jo Kwan-woo, Im So-eun (NC. A).

‘To Jenny’ – Review

I won’t lie but the only reason I chose to watch this drama was because it was 2 episodes long and I was procrastinating. But! At least I got a review out of it (even though I also procrastinated in writing this review guilty)


The main story revolves around a guy, Park Jung-min (Kim Sung-Cheol), who is fairly unpopular because he is shy but has amazing musical talents. However, he has stage phobia and can’t perform in front of an audience. So, he makes his 10-year-old younger sister listen to all the songs he composed.

One day he accidentally meets a girl, Kwon Na-ra (Jung Chae-yeon), whom he used to crush on in high school and who is also the reason behind his stage phobia. She is a trainee at JW entertainment agency and after a failed debut as a girl group is trying to debut again as a solo artist. In order to do so, she has to learn the guitar and this is where Park Jung-min steps in. He starts giving her guitar lessons which lead to some biology and chemistry to intervene.


For a 2-episode drama, I think the character development was really well done. Actually, now that I think about it, this was more like a 2-hour movie. But even for that, this was quite good. The story development was well-paced and there were no other distractions or side stories. The drama had a subtle comedy to it which was nice and refreshing with the cute romance. There were no over-exaggerations and everything was actually quite relatable.

The acting was also well-done though I would have preferred if the male lead, Kim Sung-Cheol, would have emoted a little more through his expressions. But on a whole, the acting style and body language suited his character so the role was saved. The female lead, Jung Chae-yeon, was brilliant. I have seen her in some other roles before and she has been good. However, I wish that she would do more diverse roles in order to truly demonstrate her acting capabilities. However, being a female idol might be restricting her exploring roles which do not support her cute girl-next-door image.  Also, I loved Choi Yoo-ri who played Park Jung-min’s younger sister, Park Ok-hee. Her dialogue delivery was thoroughly on point and she really brought a sass to her character while remaining an adorable 10-year-old.

Kim Sung-Cheol, Jung Chae-yeon - Guitar - To Jenny

The main part of this drama was definitely music but I had a little hot and cold reaction to it. It wasn’t that the music was bad in the drama, in fact, it was much better than my expectations, but it was memorable or very impactful. I only like two songs exceptionally because they were fun, quirky and had a nice tune to it.

  • Grab Me (Feat. 이상이) – 김성철
  • 티라미수 케익 Tiramisu Cake – 김성철 (Feat. 최유리) Kim Sung Chul (Feat. Choi Yuri)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any official links to the songs. These songs don’t have amazing vocals but I liked the lyrics and enjoyed the beat.

Lastly, this drama also has an inspirational message to face your fears and overcome the challenges in front of you which are easy to say in words but a hundred times more difficult to execute in action. I liked that the drama did not belittle the introverted personality of Park Jung-min and rather focused on his journey of overcoming his fear. I was especially glad that the writers did not suddenly turn him into an extrovert after he faced his fears. This is what made the drama more relatable for me.


So, like I mentioned above that the music was one of the cons. Not a major con but a con none-the-less.

Other than that, I would that there were some problems in the smooth transition of scenes in some parts of the drama which were quite obvious but it did not really impact the overall results so I can let it pass.

Lastly, I must caution people that if you are going into this for a heated romance story then drop your expectations. It does have a sweet, savoury sort of romance but nothing mushy, over-the-top or explicit.

Other than this I didn’t find really find any cons.


This is a simple, sweet romance with an inspirational side to it as well.  The music is enjoyable and suits the fun geeky plot as well. Overall, this drama is a sweet relief type of drama which you can watch to take your mind off things, kick back and relax or even procrastinate doing things that are a priority (like me). One can consider this an equivalent to a chick-flick. But this drama is good for a one-time watch and its shortness is an advantage.

To Jenny - Ratings
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A sweet romance with a musical background. A good watch to chill, relax and destress to.

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