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A High-School Romance gone wrong


Elton had a mysterious affair with Sia, Casey turned herself into a love expert after the heartbreak of Elton’s cheat. The unfortunate couple accidentally encounters each other after 10 years.

Native and/or alternative titles: 初戀日記賤男蜜擾
Year: 2017
Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Crosby Yip Hei
Writer: Crosby Yip Hei
Cast: Venus Wong, Edward Ma, To Siu Kiu, Jason Fu, Lam Suet, Yuen King-tan, Gabriel Wong, Teresa Mak


I didn’t expect much from the movie after reading its synopsis but chose to watch it for Venus Wong (plus I had some time to kill :P). But surprisingly, I quite enjoyed the movie. It was a nice light rom-com which had its own charm here and there.

The beginning of the movie focuses on the two classmates Casey (Venus Wong) and Elton (Edward Ma), both have a simmering chemistry between them but Casey refuses to act on it and they just continue being close friends. The beginning shows them goofing around and just enjoying youth when the results of a certain bet leave Casey and Elton no longer able to sidestep their crush on each other and so begins their journey of dating and romance. They do everything a typical couple would do, movies dates, hanging out, going to restaurants, and going to their Prom together.

The beginnings of Casey and Elton’s love

Despite being from different financial backgrounds and being almost completely polar in their character, both beat all odds and continue to be a couple even after Casey starts college while Elton goes from one job to another. However, life had different plans for them and both end up separating after Casey finds Elton cheating on her.

This completely changes Casey. She goes from being the sweet and innocent Casey to someone for whom manipulating men becomes a piece of cake. After about four years, Casey has become one of the top relationship guru with her own talk show. She has given up on love and believes it to be a game, where only with precise methods do fixed results come. She has become a completely different person and hates Elton enough to still not be able to forgive him (which clearly shows with her throwing darts at this picture everyday… Yikes!). But I think that somewhere Casey did not want to forgive him. After all, he was her first love and she was ready to give him everything and even wanted to get married to him.

Venus Wong - Jason Fu - To Love or not to love
Casey in her new Avatar alongside Adam

Casey’s life took an unexpected turn when Elton comes back to Casey’s life to try and win her back. But at the same time and old crush from school, Adam also makes an appearance in her life and he is also determined to win Casey. He had already lost her once back in school and he was determined to not lose her this time around. This is where the fun actually begins.

For me, the story was really nice and sweet despite being unoriginal but for me, it took too long to reach the main ‘fun’ part of the story. So I did want to call it quits in the middle but decided to continue (since I had nothing better to do anyway) and I am glad I did. The remaining movie was cute and funny and emotional. It is only later that I found out that the writer-director Crosby Yip Hei was only 23 when he made this film so this explains the silly youthful energy which filled the movie and I mean silly in a good, crazy and vibrant way.

Venus Wong - Jason Fu - Edward Ma - To Love or not to love
Elton and Adam fighting for Casey

The actors were good, not exceptional but carried out the roles pretty well. There was some chemistry between the leads but I still felt that it was a bit awkward. Even the supporting actors were not exceptional in their roles. They simply made it work and nothing more. Honestly, at some points, I felt like I was watching newbs playing the roles. But it wasn’t bad per say, although neither was it good. Though I did love the actor playing the roles of the teachers a lot! They were hilarious and ought to be considering they are veterans of comedy. Although I did enjoy the bubbly vibe of Casey’s best friend Angela.

Hillarious teachers!

Despite the acting having a miss, I enjoyed the young energy of the movie. Although the emotions were not really delved into with finesses, it had awkward brushes with emotions which are what the twenties are full of for most.

At some points, there was definitely some objectification of women and men shown and propagated but I don’t believe they were meant to do so. Every gender has some stereotypes but it is definitely wrong to affix those stereotypical notions to everyone if that gender. I wish they would have shown this message better, although I think they did attempt to do so but greatly failed.

Overall the movie is nice to just kick back and relax and have a good laugh with. Just a light, relaxing rom-com for a night in.

Also, don’t miss out the ending after the movie ends. There are some extra scenes from the movie about the characters which are simply hilarious. Also, Casey’s relationship guru who taught Casey all her tricks and transformed her is also revealed in the end. Believe me, you will be shocked when you find out!

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A light romantic comedy for a night-in~ It isn’t the best there is but hey! Who doesn’t like a cheesy rom-com every once in a while 😉

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