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‘Tomorrow Boy’ tells the tale of a handsome, young patriarch who lives on for tomorrow even in the midst of adversity. A young patriarch, Ahn Tae Pyeong, who has lost both his parents and is in charge of taking care of his grandmother along with his four younger siblings. Despite his circumstances, Tae Pyeong has a strong conviction and is energetic, while he pursues his studies and earns money for his family.

Native and/or alternative titles: 투모로우 보이; Tumorou Boi
Year: 2016
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean
Genre: Drama, Romance, Youth
Director: Jang Eui Soon
Writer: Park Seon Jae
Cast: Cha Hak Yeon (N from VIXX), Kang Min Ah, Yoo Se Hyung, Moon Ji In, Yoon Hee Seok, Jun In Taek


When I read the summary of this drama, I had hope, bright and honest hope for this drama. But it was all brutally shattered and stomped over. Why, you ask? Because even though, admittedly the synopsis is amazing and gets you intrigued in an instant. DO NOT get fooled by it. The story is haphazard and in complete disarray. I am yet to wholly understand how everything gets linked through. There are numerous plot holes and the story is completely left on a very blurry end. Before you can even dive into the story and grasp the feel of it, it ends.

In the very brief 5 episode long series they try to focus on too many stories at once and end up not doing justice to even one of the characters. I really don’t understand why the main lead is tagged ‘Tomorrow Boy’ because to me it seemed more like he lived in the moment, day-to-day rather than for tomorrow and I mean this in a very positive way. There were also huge jumps in the story itself and time-lags as well. At points, I even felt as even I had, by accident, skipped an episode in between, but it was not so. The episodes were just badly linked together and horribly directed and produced. The script was as bad and because of this, I can’t seem to figure out whether the actors’ acting was bad or was it simply because of the script.

The cinematography was also nothing out of the ordinary. Though I did like the way they started the first episode to show the story of how the lead actress and actor were connected. But after that, it was just chaos. Every now and then I could find a hint of a good attempt at the portrayal of the various scenes and character but the directing and script made the attempts seem bleak and, quite frankly, pointless.

There were actually many points where I felt that the story had a lot of potential for development like the love triangle between the Bank noona, Jo Ah-ra and AhnTae-pyung. The potential romance between the lead male and female was also a big miss. The school rivalry between Tae-pyung and Kim Nam-soo could have also been an interesting plot. The issue of bullying Tae-byung and using him as an errands boy could have been shown more in-depth and be ending with them either reform their ways or get punished for their wrongs but it was simply left off as it is. Even the scenes where the Ah-ra was interacting with Tae-pyung’s family could have been developed further for more hilarious scenarios where they show how Ah-ra the pretty rich girl adjusted to the life of an almost financial broke family. The lead female’s lonely friendless existence had no backstory, present story or even a future story. Characters kept popping up randomly and disappearing randomly. A lot of good potentials was wasted here. Even if one of the potential plots was picked up and focused on then it would have been a pretty decent web-drama, I think.

As for the music aspect, my brain was too preoccupied with trying to make sense of the story and its characters to actually notice things like background music so I once again saw the drama (YES!!) and figured it wasn’t quite worth it because despite the music not be too bad, it wasn’t anything exemplary either. It was just so-so.

Even though this web-drama takes barely an hour to watch, I would recommend you save your one hour and literally use it for anything else. Even if you are a fan of one of the actors in this web-drama or even if you are a fan of N from VIXX. Spare yourself the torture and skip this drama and just pretend it doesn’t exist.

I would love to give you some spoilers for this drama, but the reality is that there are no spoilers because there is no story! No plot. Even the ending is very vague and abstract.


  • Story: 4
  • Acting/cast: 6
  • Music/Sound: 5
  • Overall: 2

Have you seen ‘Tomorrow Boy’?  If yes, what do you think about this show? Comment below! If not, does it sound interesting to you?

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October 9, 2021 7:10 pm

Thank you for your comment. I recently found this ‘drama’ on VIKI, and began watching it with enthusiasm. When I watched episode 5 I was disappointed in myself. I thought that I had begun watching a new release and would have to wait for each episode to air. I waited a week and thought that there were more.smh I didn’t bother to see how many ‘new’ episodes there were. I just rewatched episodes 4 and 5. And nothing followed. So, I searched for information and was so disappointed. Episode 5 ended on an ‘up beat’, so at least it was… Read more »